The production in Sweden took place in November 2016. Our local partner was cultural association É Romani Glinda and its Chairman Fred Taikon. We were exploring several topics in Sweden, among others: a long history of mistrust between the Roma communities and the Swedish state authorities, first ever state-run Institute for Racial Biology and the long-term consequences for the Roma in Sweden, diversity of Roma identities in Sweden, and building bridges in education and the labour market


NGO “Romtegra” during the past period has realized several important projects in media field. In 2009 it has produced the documentary “Kolonia” which highlights the miserable life conditions of the RAE communities in the municipality of Gjakova, where thanks to this documentary, as a proof of their bad living conditions, financial resources have been insured for building new houses for the community members living in the Kolonia neighborhood of the Gjakova municipality.

The Netherlands

Production in the Netherlands during October 2016 focused on several subjects: Life of the Sinti and Roma before WWII; The story of Settela Steinbach; Recognition of the suffering of the Sinti and Roma; Remembrance, memorials and commemoration of the Sinti and Roma victims; Education about the Sinti and Roma genocide and international recognition of the Sinti and Roma victims; What is the future of the new generations of Roma and Sinti in the Netherlands?


Production in Romania in November 2016 focused on several subjects, such as Life of the Roma before WWII; The genocide of the Roma in Transnistria; Testimonies of the Roma survivors; Confiscated and looted Roma properties that has never been returned to the owners; Current challenges of the Roma communities in Romania; Engagement of the Roma in political organizations in Romania; and other topics. More info soon...


The production in Serbia took place in July 2016. Our local partner was Branko Djuric, journalist from the Roma Editorial at Radio Belgrade. Together, we were exploring several topics in Serbia, among others: Roma resistance, the role of Roma art in the transmission of narratives from generation to generation, and current challenges like lack of education about the Roma genocide.