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Daut Qulangji & Avdi Misini, journalists, Pristina


NGO “RoMtegra” – R.M.I is a Non Governmental Organization established in: 30.12.2010 in Pristina. Considering the created media circumstances of the Roma community in Kosovo, unlike the general position of the Roma, we felt the need to establish an organization which would exclusively work in improving the position of both written and electronic media in Roma language in the Republic of Kosovo and broader. Accordingly, through media we will try to improve other critical aspects which the community finds as challenging in everyday life.

The principal synonym of the NGO “RoMtegra” – R.M.I is improvement of the quality of the actual media in Romani language as well as initiating or establishing other media in Romani language (capacity and professional building of the staff, Roma media development, Professionalism of research journalism in Romani language, better representation of the Roma community in other media as well as media monitoring in reporting aspect). Other field in which NGO “RoMtegra” will work on, are integration of the Roma community in Kosovar society, education, health, human rights defense as well as Roma youth activism and mobilization in the Republic of Kosovo.

NGO RoMtegra, in its human resources has professionals of high educational level both in media and other field, where except activities of better and genuine representation of the Roma community in the Republic of Kosovo, there will also be a good coordination with other NGO-s of the Roma community in Kosovo and broader in improving the socio-economic and health conditions of the Roma community


NGO “Romtegra” during the past period has realized several important projects in media field. In 2009 it has produced the documentary “Kolonia” which highlights the miserable life conditions of the RAE communities in the municipality of Gjakova, where thanks to this documentary, as a proof of their bad living conditions, financial resources have been insured for building new houses for the community members living in the Kolonia neighborhood of the Gjakova municipality.

Furthermore, in 2011 and 2012 we have produced documentaries for the RAE Culture Festival in Kosovo 2011/ 12, organizaed by the KFOS Foundation. We have produced a documentary on early marriages of RAE females, supported by the NGO RROGRAEK. Also, we have produced a documentary called “The perspective of Future” about school drop-out of RAE girls for the NGO RROGRAEK.

For NGO “Iniciativa 6” we have produced a documentary movie “Roma Women Empowered” regarding the integration of Roma women in society. NGO “Romtegra” as production, has produced very significant television and radio reports regarding very well known music and culture festivals, as well as has contributed in promotion of the cultural values of RAE communities in Kosovo and wider.

Over the 2014-2016 under the support of the KFOS Foundation, NGO/Production “Romtegra” has produced 15 stories, monitoring the activities done by the young advocators of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities which have advocated for the concerns of these communities in the municipality of Prizren, Gjakova, Ferizaj, Fushe Kosove, Istog and Kline. Through our programs and stories we have supported and have somehow put pressure on local institutions in finding solution to some of the concerns of these communities, and in most of the cases these issues have been solved positively.

Over the period of 2015-2016 supported by the KFOS Foundation, NGO/Production “Romtegra” has produced 14 TV shows entitled ‘’React’’ for the RTK (Radio Television of Kosovo) where different debates have taken place aiming to advocate and find solutions to different problems faced by the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in the Republic of Kosovo.

It is worth mentioning that all visual materials (documentaries, stories, interviews) which are produced by the NGO “Romtegra” as a production house, thanks to the memorandum with RTK, are being transmitted in the program “Yekhipe” in RTK1 as well as in “REACT” RTK2 in Romani language in the radio Television of Kosovo. “Romtegra” Organization and production house possesses professional team of journalists, cameramen, editors and producers which ensure a professional worn in media field, which at the same time is the only media organization-production house ran by the RAE communities in the Republic of Kosovo.

Therefore, the vision of NGO “Romtegra” is that through media mechanisms to promote and make aware the institutional mechanisms and the RAE communities, towards gaining and enjoying the community rights as well as of gender equality (in central and local level) and cooperation with Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian female networks which will be included in compilation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of all the acts that are linked to females of these communities.

Daut Qulangji & Avdi Misini, journalists, Kosovo

Daut Qulangji & Avdi Misini

My Motivations

Identity and dignity

by Daut Qulangji & Avdi Misini

Sar produkcia koja kerela kooperacia ano realizipe e projektesko “Holokausti pe roma thay olengo identiteti” siam loshale kaj da amaro kontributi ano rodlaripe thay mothavipe so ulo e Romencar ani Kosova ano vahti e Holokaustesko thay prekal akava proyekti te vazda o godinipe e romengo vash e romengi historia thaj so musaj te keren pe avipe.

Produkcia “Romtegra” kerela buti ani Kosova vash romengo thay romane mediengo integripe thaj vazdipe e kapacitetengo. Akale projekteja amen vazdingyam o suto leparipe pe phure roma, aktivistya thaj terne vash bilache ovipja pe roma ano II lumiako Maripe. Ini kaj na sine logorja ani Kosova, buderi e romendar lelile kotar e kosova thay phiravdile ano javer dizja vaj thema vash te den poro servisi vash o rezhimja ano odova vahti. Akala rezhimja vi chelale treterinde e Romen. Buderi olendar mudarde, torturinde, nesave achile bizo jakha, bizo vast, phiko, cang numay ini nesave achile saste thaj djivde thaj irandile ani Kosova. Akala chelale vastipja hari but mothavdile kustik pali kustik numaj na puterde, odoleske kaj o phure na mangle te daraven pere chavoren.

E khand e mudaripjengi thay maj phare ovipjengi dikhle o studentya kotar e Kosova kana ko 2014 sine ani studipeski vizita ani Polonia. On vizitinde o “Kampi e Meripesko” thay odothe vazdisalo vi o ternengo godinipe kobar o phure cidinde ano II lumiako Maripe. Ani Kosova pandar na ovela e komemoracia vash o Holokausti pedral o roma numaj tentipe si kay kotar o terne generacie kay te vastinen o sah mekanizmja vash te pendjargjol thaj te komemoringjol o Holokausti vi ani Kosova kotar o themeske institucie.

Dikhindoj e sakodivuni phari situacia e romengi ani Kosova, o jene e romane komunitetesko lena kan kay akava bilacho ovipe pandar ovela pe roma thaj akalea akana siton djande kaj o Holokausti na manglape te bistergjol, musay te lepargjol, vash ma te ovel pe avipe.

Daut Qulangji & Avdi Misini, Pristina

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Daut Qulangji & Avdi Misini, Pristina